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Buffalo, New York
"If you can think it I can paint it!"
My name is Debbie and my career as an artist started when I
was a young child just eight years old.  I was often seen
carrying a pad and pencil anywhere I went.
As I grew older my pencil drawings emerged into the pastel
world.  However, this proved to be quite messy and not easy to
preserve without framing under glass.  From there I moved on to
Oil and Acrylics on canvas.  One day in 1991, while on a lunch
break, the Boss asked if I could take my drawings and put them in
the buildings
windows for customers to enjoy. While it was an
unusual place for me to paint, I gave it a shot.
I always enjoyed drawing whatever I saw.  In Art classes, I
consistently excelled.  As a young girl, school art classes were
the only classes I had access to.  To this day, where ever I go I
have a pad and paper with me - Just ask me to show you! One
never knows when inspiration will hit or what images will
compell me to put pencil to paper.
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Buffalo, New York
About The Artist!
In 2002 I changed my art career again.  I decided to return to school and enrolled at Medaille
College.  I studied Business planning in order to take my art talents into the world of business.  
It started out as
business cards for friends, fliers for classes, and other computerized forms
requested.  After four years in college, I walked away with a Bachelors Degree in business and
a desire to start my own art based business one day.

At a random car show I discovered the art of airbrushing.  I knew that this would be my new art
path.  In October of 2007, I entered Hyatt's art store only to find that they offered lessons on the
basics of Airbrushing.  I took those eight lesson and did endless amounts of practice, and
eventually found my groove and style.  In May of 2008, Dragonfire Designs was created and
made official.
                   My goal going forward for my business is to execute my designs on cars
or                                        motorcyles as I saw in my original inspiration.

It has been over a year since I started this business and it is truly starting
to                                 grow.  I love to see the big smile on everyone's faces when they see
their                                         design  done up special for them.  The children are who I truly love
to make                                   happy,  hence why most of my designs of child friendly.